ruf-logoReformed University Fellowship (RUF) is the college ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  The PCA is a smaller evangelical and biblicaly conservative denomination (Dr. Tim Keller and Rev. Scotty Smith are “well known” PCA pastors).   Though affiliated with the PCA, RUF welcomes students of any religious background (and no background at all).

RUF was started on one college campus in Mississippi in the early 1970s and now ministers to students on over 140 campuses in the U.S.  For a brief overview of RUF ministry happening around the country, check out this video.  To learn more about the RUF, visit the ministry’s website.

In Manhattan, we are connected with Manhattan Presbyterian Church, a young church here in Manhattan committed to preaching the Bible faithfully, loving each other honestly, and serving this community humbly.  We would love to help students get connected at MPC.  Please contact Jon (913.908.9957) or Pastor Brian Hough (913.439.9319) for more information about this great church.



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